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OnePlus 7 Camera User Guide

OnePlus 7 User Manual

Due to software updates, your experience of the software interface (including but not limited to software features, user interfaces, and interaction experiences) may differ from the interface presented in this manual. The software interface is subject to change.

OnePlus 7 Camera User Guide
OnePlus 7 Camera User Guide

Table of contents GETTING STARTED 9 Front view 10 Back view 11 Setting up your device 12 Battery and charging 12 Physical buttons 14 Transfer data to OnePlus 7 16 THE BASICS 17 Basic gestures 18 Install and uninstall apps 19 Use Apps 19 Home screen 21 Notification panel 23 Google assistant 25 SETTINGS 26 Wi-Fi & internet 27 Wi-Fi 27 SIM & network 28 Hotspot & tethering 29 Bluetooth & device connection 30 Bluetooth 30

NFC 31 Display 32 Apps & notifications 34 Sound & vibration 36 Buttons & gestures 38 Alert slider 38 Security & lock screen 42 Security status 42 Device security 43 Accounts 47 Utilities 48 System 49 Navigation bar & gestures Quick gestures 38 Accessibility 49 40 Language & input 49 Battery 41 Storage 42 Date & time 50 Reset options 51 OTG storage 51

Recent app management Multiple users RAM Boost System updates

  1. 51 Calculator 60

  2. 52 Recorder 61

52 Notes App 62 52 Camera 63 About phone 53 APPS 54 Phone 55 Contacts 56 File Manager 57 Messages 58 Weather 59 Gallery 66 Clock 67 OnePlus Switch 69 Google Apps 70 ADVANCED 72 Gaming mode 73 Do Not Disturb 73

Cast Scheduled power on/off Recent app management 74 Screen pinning 75 Parallel Apps 75 Picture-in-picture 76 FileDash 76 Hidden Space 77 REBOOT, UPDATE, BACKUP, RECOVERY 78 Reboot or force reboot 79 System updates 79 74 OTA upgrade 79 74 Local update 79 Backup and Restore 80 Backup and restore by OnePlus Switch 80 Use Google drive for backup and recovery 80 Factory reset 81 ACCESSIBILITY 82 Magnify with triple-tap 83 Power button ends call 83 Color inversion 83 Color correction 83

High contrast text 84 Health Information 93 SAFETY INFORMATION 85 Legal Notice 86 Declaration 86 Trademarks and Permissions 86 Privacy Policy 87 Precautions for using the device 87 General Safety Information 88 Battery Safety 90 Charging Safety 91 Driving Safety 93 Laser Safety Statement 94 Regulatory Label Information (If supported) 94 EU Regulatory Conformance 94 CE Statement 94 RF Exposure Information (SAR) 95 Restrictions in 5GHz band 96 Frequency Bands and Power 96 Correct Disposal of this Product 97 RoHS Compliance 97 India Regulatory Conformance 98

E-waste Information 98 Languages & Input 99 Care and Maintenance 99 OnePlus Device Warranty Information 101 The limited warranty does not cover 101 Return Policy (Limited to North America & Europe) 103

Getting started Getting started Learn more about your device and start using.

Getting started Front view Top Speaker Front Camera Alert Slider Nano SIM Tray Volume Tray Buttons 10 Power Sleep/Wake In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Getting started Back view Microphone Secondary Camera Primary Camera Flash Ligh Main Microphone USB Type-CBottom Speaker11

Getting started Setting up your device Insert SIM card

  1. Insert the SIM Tray Ejector into the small hole on the SIM card holder. Press the ejector firmly into the hole to push the SIM card tray out.

  2. Slowly pull the SIM card tray out of the tray slot.

  3. Place the SIM card into the SIM card tray.

  4. Plug the SIM card tray back into your device.

* Use the original Nano-SIM card. Non-original cards may cause damage. Booting up your OnePlus 7 Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to boot up the phone. If your phone does not power on, you may need to charge it. Setup Wizard When you first boot up the phone (or after a factory reset), the Setup Wizard lets you customize all features, including language, software buttons, gestures and other features. If you want to change these later, you can do so after setting up the phone in the settings menu. Battery and charging You will need to charge the phone when you first get it or if you have not used it for a long 12

Getting started time. Safety Information:

  1. To ensure your safety and avoid damaging the device, only use the official charger and USB cable.

  2. OnePlus 7 supports the USB Type-C cable.

  3. Unplug the charger after you finish charging to avoid wasting electricity.

  4. Do not place anything on your phone while it is charging.

Charge the battery 1. Connect the USB cable to the adapter.

  1. Plug the USB cable into the phone's USB port.

  2. Plug the adapter into a power socket.

  3. After charging, unplug the USB cable from the phone and unplug the adapter from the socket.

Save power and extend battery life Reduce power consumption by doing the following: 1. Turn off the screen when the device is not in use. 2.Turn on Battery Saver mode when the battery is low. 3. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not 13

Getting started using them. 4. Dim screen brightness and shorten sleep time in Settings. 5. Close the apps that you do not use. OnePlus Fast Charge When you use the OnePlus charger and USB cable for charging, you can charge your phone safely and quickly. When the temperature is lower than 15 °C or higher than 35 °C, the phone will stop fast charging to protect the battery. Physical buttons Power button The power button is located on the right side of the phone. Press and hold the power button to turn on/off/restart the device. Press the power button to turn on/off the screen.  Double-press the power button to quickly turn on the camera when the screen is locked. Volume buttons The volume buttons is located on the left side of the phone. 14

Getting started When playing music or video, press the volume button to adjust the media volume. Press the volume button during a call to adjust the call volume. Press the volume button to silence the ringtone when you get an incoming call. Alert Slider Alert Slider is on the right side of the phone. You can adjust the system ringtone status (silent, vibrate, ring) by toggling the alert slider.  Silent: Calls and notifications will be silenced with no vibration, except for alarms.  Vibrate: Calls and notifications will be silenced, except for alarms.  Ring: Calls, alarms and notifications will function normally. NOTE: If the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, the ringtone and vibration will be turned off. Shortcut keys You can perform quick actions using the shortcut keys.  Press and hold the "power" button and the "volume down" button at the same time to take a screenshot.  Press and hold the "power" button and the 15

Getting started "volume down" button at the same time to access recovery mode when the device is powered off.  Long press on "power" button and "volume UP" for10 seconds to force the phone to power off. Transfer data to OnePlus 7 OnePlus Switch can quickly transfer all your data, including contacts, messages and photos, from your old device to your new OnePlus device. 1. Open the OnePlus Switch app. Select I'm a new phone, then select your old phone's type. 2. Followthepromptsonthenewphonescreen. 16 3. 4. Download and install OnePlus Switch on your old phone. Tap Continue on your new phone. Open OnePlus Switch in your old phone, select I'm an old phone, and scan the QR code on your new phone to connect the two phones. After connecting the two phones, select the data you want to migrate from your old phone. Tap to start. Then wait until the transfer is completed. 5.

The Basics The Basics Learn to use your OnePlus device.

The Basics Basic gestures 3. Swipe left or right with your finger to switch tabs, change pages or slide content in the Learn to use basic gestures, such as tap, drag, weather/calendar/gallery/app list. swipe, and zoom, to control your phone and apps. 1. Tap to enter the app or select it 2. When viewing a webpage or list, swipe up or down to scroll. 4. Two-finger zoom for images and web pages. 5. Press and hold the screen to bring up the pop-up window for advanced settings or to enter edit status. 18

The Basics Install and uninstall apps Install apps from Play Store It is advisable to download and install apps from Play Store, which is available on your device. Open Play Store to search for apps by key words or on screen.  Tap the app icon to view application details.  Tap Install to download and install apps. * It is advisable to download apps on a Wi-Fi network. Uninstall apps as follows:  On the home screen or app drawer, press and hold the app icon and select uninstall. Go to Play Store > My apps & games > INSTALLED>tap the specific app>UNINSTALL.  Go to Settings > Apps & notifications and select the app. Then go to App info and select uninstall. * Some pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled Use Apps Learn how to open apps, switch between apps, 19 Uninstall apps

The Basics close apps and view app information. App drawer Swipe up on the home screen to view all your apps in the app drawer. Open apps Open the app by the app icon on the desktop or in the app drawer. Switch apps Tap Recent or swipe up and hold to switch between apps. Close apps Tap Recent and close apps by swiping up on the app card. View app info Long press an app's icon and select app info in the pop-up box to view app info and setting options. Clear background tasks Fixed navigation bar, tap recents button and then tap X symbol on the bottom of screen. Navigation gestures, swipe up form the bottom center edge of the screen and pause, tap the X symbol on the bottom of screen. *Pinned apps will not be closed. 20

The Basics Lock background apps In app switching mode, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the app card. Select Lock to stop the app from being closed or cleared. Home screen Learn to set wallpapers, widgets and home settings to personalize your phone. home screen to place it on the home screen.  Drag an app icon onto another app on the home screen to create a folder. Wallpapers Long press a blank space on the home screen and select Wallpaper to set your home screen wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper. Widgets  Add widgets: Long press a blank space on the home screen. Then press a widget icon and drag it to the home screen. Remove widgets: Press and hold a widget and then drag to Remove area on the top of App icons and folders  Open the app drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the home screen. Press and drag an app icon to add it to the home screen.  Drag an app icon from the app drawer to the 21

The Basics screen. Home Settings Long press the blank space on the home screen and select Home settings. Add icon to Home screen: When enabled, it will display an icon on the home screen after installing a new app. Swipe down: Swipe down from home screen to access quick settings. Double tap to lock: Double tap a blank area of the home screen to turn off the screen and lock the device. Drawer: Displays all apps and allows you to search for an app in the drawer. Notification dots: When enabled, the app icon will display dots to indicate new messages. Icon pack: Set up icon styles for preset apps and some third-party apps Home screen layout: Adjust the number of desktop grids and icon sizes. 22

The Basics Notification panel When a new system notification or app notification is received, the status bar will display the corresponding icon. Pull down the notification panel by swiping down from the top of the application page or anywhere on the home screen.  You can clear notifications by swiping right (Some notifications need to be cleared by closing the related app). Long press a notification bar to enter the notification settings for that app. Quick Settings Status bar Quick Settings 23 Tap the quick settings icon to turn on/off specific functions quickly.  Press and hold an icon in the quick settings menu to open the corresponding settings interface. View more buttons and brightness settings by swiping down form the status icons

The Basics Status icons Status icons are displayed on the status bar at the top of the screen. The icons listed in the table below are the most common ones. Signal strength Wi-Fi No SIM card Roaming G Connected to GPRS network E Connected to EDGE network 3G Connected to UMTS network H Connected to HSDPA networkH+ Connected to HSPA+ network 4G Connected to LTE network Bluetooth enabled Location service enabled Alarm enabled Silent mode enabled Vibration mode enabled Airplane mode enabled Normal charging Battery capacity NFC enabled Gaming mode enabled Do not disturb mode enabled 24

The Basics Google assistant Google Assistant is available 24/7. • • • • • • • Send text messages (e.g., "Text Sara I am running late") Set reminders (e.g., "Remind me to buy a birthday gift for John") Take a selfie (e.g., "Take a selfie") Set calendar events (e.g., "Set a calendar event for dinner with Charlie tomorrow from 7-9") Play music (e.g., "Play jazz music on YouTube") Navigate to places (e.g., "Give me the directions home") Weather information (e.g., "Do I need an umbrella today?") * When using Google assistant for the first time, follow the prompts to log in to your Google account and give required setup permissions as desired. You can quickly access Google Assistant by pressing and holding down your home button or by simply saying, ” Hey Google/Ok Google” and Proceeding further. With Google Assistant, you can: • Make quick phone calls on the go (e.g., "Call Mom") 25

Settings Settings Configure your phone's network and account or set up your phone

Settings Wi-Fi & internet Wi-Fi Connect to the internet through WLAN. Connect to Wi-Fi 1. Enter Settings > Wi-Fi & internet, tap Wi- Fi. 2. Select a Wi-Fi network from the list. * You can also manually add a Wi-Fi network by selecting Add networks. Wi-Fi preferences  Turn on Wi-Fi automatically: Enable this to turn Wi-Fi back on near high-quality saved networks, like your home network. Intelligently select the best Wi-Fi: Enable this for your phone to select and connect to the best Wi-Fi by analyzing connectivity and signal strength.  Auto switch to mobile data: Enable this for your phone to automatically switch to mobile data when the Wi-Fi network which you connect to is poor quality and mobile data is 3. You will automatically connect unencrypted Wi-Fi network that you have selected. To connect to an encrypted network, enter the password and tapConnect. to an 27

Settings turned on.  Open network notification: Enable this for your phone to notify you when a high-quality public network is available. Scanning always available: Enable this for your phone to allow location services or other apps to scan for networks when Wi-Fi is off. SIM & network Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & internet > SIM & network FOR SIM SETTING:  Enable or disable SIM card.  edit SIM name.  Enable or disable roaming.  Set APN and more. NOTE: Roaming charges may apply. Check with your network provider for more details. Enable or disable mobile data Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & internet > SIM & network> enable or disable Mobile data. Preferred network type settings Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & internet > SIM & network, select Preferred network type  2G/3G/4G (Automatic)  2G/3G (Automatic)  2G only 28

Settings Dual 4G networks Enable\disable 4G network for both SIM card when available Default SIM card settings Set default SIM card for voice call, messaging and mobile data. Hotspot & tethering Share the network on your phone through Wi- Fi hotspots, USB connections, Bluetooth, and so on with other devices. Wi-Fi hotspot When Wi-Fi hotspot is turned on, your mobile data will be shared and other devices can connect on Wi-Fi. You can set the following options to manage your Wi-Fi hotspots:  Hotspot name: The generated Wi-Fi network signal name.  Security: There are 2 options: No password and WPA2 PSK encryption. It is advisable to select WPA2 PSK encryption so you can create a password for your hotspot.  Turn off hotspot automatically: Once enabled, the hotspot will automatically turn off after 5 minutes if no devices are connected. 29

Settings  AP Band: Select 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. USB tethering To share your device's mobile data or Wi-Fi network with your computer via USB, follow the steps below: 1. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable 2. Select the USB connection method as USB tethering in the control center. * Some computers may need Android RNDIS driver to be installed separately. Bluetooth tethering To share your device's mobile data or Wi-Fi network with other devices by BLUETOOTH tethering, follow the steps below. 1. Go to Mobile HotSpot & tethering and enable Bluetooth tethering. 2. Pair and connect your phone in the Bluetooth settings interface of other devices. Bluetooth & device connection Bluetooth Bluetooth lets you connect to Bluetooth- enabled devices such as headsets and keyboards.  Pair new device: Go to Settings > Bluetooth 30

Settings & device connection, choose Pair new device, select the device you want to connect from the list of available devices, and enter the pairing code to complete pairing. * When your Bluetooth device is turned on but cannot be found, check the device's manual and follow the instructions to switch the device to pairing mode to connect.  Previously connected devices: View previously paired devices and tap to re- connect.  Discoverable: Enable this for your phone to be visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.  Connection preferences: Go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Connection preferences > Bluetooth. You can also rename the device. NFC When NFC is enabled, you can exchange data with another device when the two devices are touching. Android Beam Go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Connection preferences >Android Beam When this feature is turned on, you can beam app content to another NFC-capable device by placing the devices close together. For example, 31

Settings you can beam web pages, YouTube videos, and contacts. Place the devices together (typically back to back) and then tap your screen. The app determines what is beamed. Google pay, to use when making a payment by tapping the payment terminal.  Use default: You can set as Always and Except when another payment app is open. Display Go to Settings > Display to customize the screen display settings. Adaptive brightness: When enabled, the phone will optimize the screen brightness setting according to ambient light conditions. You can also manually adjust the slider bar below to set your preferences. Sleep: After the time is set, the screen will turn off automatically when the device is not Tap & pay Go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Connection preferences > Tap & pay Before using the tap and pay, you need to set up the default payment app, open the payment service in the app, and set the tap and pay feature with the following settings options:  Payment default: Choose an app, such as 32

Settings in use.  Night mode: When enabled, the device will adjust to the color temperature you have set for minimizing eye fatigue. Reading mode: It optimizes the display of screen and text, making the reading experience as comfortalble as an e-book reader.  Screen calibration: Selecting a different color mode will give different visual experience. Video enhancer: It can enhance the color while playing videos.  Notch display: You can select how the notch 33 area is displayed:  Show the notch area.  Hide the notch area. Apps to display in fullscreen: If app’s content is covered by the notch area,please switch to the default mode. Ambient display: You can set WHEN TO SHOW and there are 2 options:  Pick up your phone to show.  Tap the screen to show. You can set WHAT TO SHOW:  Clock style.  Display message.

Settings  Enable/disable New Notifications.

  •  Wallpapers: Set your phone wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper.

  •  Theme: Set the color style of the UI.

  •  Accent color: Set the accent color.

desktop battery and time, enable/disable showing battery percentage, display network speed, and manage icons in the status bar. Auto-rotate screen: If enabled, the phone display will automatically rotate as the phone rotates. Screen saver: Set the screen saver style (clock, colors and photos) and when the screen saver turns on (while charging, while docked, while charging or docked, or never). Apps & notifications Go to Settings > Apps & notifications to manage your device's apps, change their settings, view app info, set notifications and

  •  Font: Set the phone font style. You can select Roboto or OnePlus Slate.

  •  Font size: Set the size of the font.

  •  Display size: Set the display size of content (e.g., icons and fonts). Note that this may affect how some third-party apps are displayed. Status bar: You can set the style of the 34

Settings permissions, and more.  Recently opened opened apps. mode.  Default apps: Set the default apps for home, browser, phone, SMS, gallery, mail, and more.  App permissions: Set app permissions to use location, microphone, contacts, storage, call logs, and more. Data usage control: Set apps' access to mobile data and Wi-Fi networks. Emergency alerts: You can enable/disable Allow alerts. If enabled, you can choose to receive Amber alerts, extreme threats, severe threats and more. You can set alert preferences. apps:  See all apps: Displays all apps installed on your phone.  Notifications: You can set the content of the notifications displayed on the lock screen:  Show all notification content.  Hide sensitive content.  Don't show notifications at all. You also can enable/disable Allow notification dots, set Default notification sounds and enable/disable Do Not Disturb Shows recently 35

Settings  Special app access: You can set special app access such as Battery optimization, Device admin apps and Display over other apps. Sound & vibration Go to Settings > Sound & vibration to change the sound settings on your device. Volume Ring Volume: Adjust the slider to set the ringtone volume for phone calls and notifications.  Media Volume: Adjust the slider to set the volume for playing music, video and more.  Alarm Volume: Adjust the slider to set the 36 ringtone volume for alarms. Do Not Disturb When Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, your phone will not show new or existing notifications or make a sound or vibrate. Notifications will not appear when you swipe down from the top of your screen. Note that critical notifications for phone activity and status will still appear.  Behavior: Set notifications:  No sound from notifications: You will see notifications on your screen.  No visuals or sound from notifications:

Settings You will not see or hear notifications.  Custom: You can customize the settings.  Exceptions: Choose special settings for calls, messages, events & reminders and other sounds.  Schedule: Set Do not disturb duration or set the time to automatically turn on and off. Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos lets you choose different scenario- based enhancements, such as dynamic, movie, and music, and make custom adjustments for earphones. Earphone mode You can set preferences for connecting wired headsets and Bluetooth headsets such as automatic resume music playback, and automatic call answering. Ringtone  Phone ringtone: Set the incoming phone calls. ringtone for SMS ringtone: Set the ringtone for text message (SMS) notifications.  Default notification sound: Set the ringtone for other notifications. Vibration Set the vibration rhythm and intensity for calls, 37

Settings notifications and touch. System Enable or disable sound for touch tone, dial pad, screen lock and screenshot. Buttons & gestures Alert slider The alert slider is located on the right side of the OnePlus 7. You can switch between 3 different modes: Silent, Vibration and Ring. Go to Settings > Buttons & gesture > Alert slider for custom settings.  Silent: Calls and notifications are silent, 38 except for alarms. Vibration: Calls and notifications are silent and set to vibrate only, except for alarms.  Ring: Calls and notifications will ring. Navigation bar & gestures OnePlus 7 supports three types of navigation bar & gestures. Go to Settings > Buttons & gestures > Navigation bar & gestures, choose navigation bar. Back, Home, Recent If enabled, the virtual "Back, Home, Recent" buttons are displayed at the bottom of the phone. Tap Navigation bar customization for

Settings custom settings. Home" buttons on the bottom of the screen. Tap Navigation bar customization for custom settings. Swap buttons: Enable this to swap the position of the Recent and back buttons.  Hide the navigation bar: Enable this to add a button to hide or show the navigation bar. Double tap action & Long press action: Set Double tap action or Long press action on "Home, Recent, Back". Supports No action, Open/close Menu, Turn off screen, Open Shelf, Open/Close and more. Back, Home Enable this to display the virtual "Back and 39 Swap buttons: Enable this to swap the position (right or left side) of the back buttons.  Double tap action & Long press action: Set Double tap action or Long press action on HOME, Back. Supports No action, Open/close Menu, Turn off screen, Open Shelf, Open/Close and more. Navigation gestures The virtual "Back, Home and Recent" buttons will be hidden.

Settings Swipe up from the bottom center of the screen to return to the desktop. Swipe up from the bottom center of the screen and then hold for one second to enter multitasking/app switching mode.  Swipe up from the left or right bottom of the screen to go back to the last page. * Whether the device is used in landscape or portrait mode, the navigation gesture is always triggered from the bottom of the device. Quick gestures You can do the following actions quickly: Flip to mute, Three-finger screenshot and more, by using Quick gestures. Go to Settings > Buttons & gestures > Quick gestures to set your preferences. System gestures  Flip to mute: Enable this to flip the phone to mute when there is an incoming call.  Three-finger screenshot: Enable this to take a screenshot by swiping down with three fingers. Answer calls by gesture: Enable this to answer calls by raising the phone to your ear when there is an incoming call. Screen off gestures 40

Settings Double tap to wake: Enable this to tap the screen twice to wake up the device. Music control: Enable this to draw II with two fingers to play or pause music, draw < or > for previous or next track. Draw O / Draw V / Draw S / Draw M / Draw W /: These can be set as None, open camera, open front camera, record a video, turn on/off flashlight, open shelf and open apps that you select. Quick turn on camera Enable this to press the power button twice to quickly turn on the camera. Quick activate the assistant app Enable this to hold the power button for 0.5s to activate the assistant app, and 3s to power off. Battery Go to Settings > Battery to view battery details and set battery preferences. View detailed usage: View battery usage details since full charge and the list of which processes use the most battery. Battery Saver: Enable this to extend battery life. Battery saver will turn off some device features and restrict apps. You can choose to manually turn it on or select 41

Settings Turn on automatically when the remaining battery is lower than the set value. Battery optimization: Optimize battery life by controlling the background behavior of apps, Tap Battery optimization, choose the apps to optimize, and select Optimize. Adaptive Battery: Enabling this extends battery life by limiting battery for infrequently used apps. Your phone will learn how you use apps over time.  Notifications may be delayed for these apps Storage Go to Settings > Storage to view storage details. You can free up storage space and view the amount of storage space occupied by various types of files.

  •  Free up space: Your phone will scan Downloads & infrequently used apps. Select the content you want to delete and tap FREE UP to release the phone space.

  •  Storage manager: To help free up storage space, Storage manager removes backed up photos and videos from your device. Security & lock screen Security status Google Play Protect


Settings Google Play Protect regularly checks your apps and device for harmful behavior. You will be notified if any security risks are found.  Scan device for security threats: Enable this for Google to regularly check your device and prevent or warn you about potential risks.  Improve harmful app detection: Enable this to send unknown apps to Google for better detection. Find My Device Find My Device helps you locate your device remotely and keeps your data safe if the device is lost. Ways to locate your Android device  Find My Device: Get it on Google Play.  Web: Visit  Google: Search "find my device". Device security Screen lock Set the screen lock: None: Turn on the screen and enter the home screen.

  •  Swipe: Swipe up on screen to unlock.

  •  Pattern: Set a sliding pattern of more than four points to unlock.


Settings  PIN: Set a 4-16 digits PIN to unlock. Password: Set a password of more than 4 characters to unlock. Lock screen preferences Set lock screen preferences. On lock screen: You can choose Show all notification content, hide sensitive content and Don't show notifications at all.  Add users from lock screen: Enable this to add new users in lock screen state. (Instructions: Pull down the notification panel in the lock screen and tap to add user.) Lock screen message: Enter text content and save it for display on the lock screen.  Show lockdown option: Enable to display the power button option that turns off Smart Lock, fingerprint unlocking, and notifications on the lock screen. Fingerprint You can add/delete fingerprints and set fingerprint preferences through Fingerprint.  Add fingerprint: Follow the on-screen prompts to add your fingerprint.  Add your fingerprint again after replacing the protective film. 44

Settings  Add only one fingerprint information at a time.  Press firmly on the phone screen to ensure your fingerprint data is fully added.  Fingerprint animation effect: Set animation effect. You can select one of the four from below:  Cosmos  Ripple  Stripe  None show the fingerprint icon in ambient display when you pick up your phone.  Tap the screen to show: Enable this to show the fingerprint icon in ambient display when you tap your phone screen once. *In addition to unlocking your phone, you can use your fingerprint to authorize purchases and access apps. Face Unlock You can add/delete face unlock and set face unlock preferences through Face unlock.  Add face data: Follow the on-screen prompts to add your face data.  Pick up your phone to show: Enable this to 45

Settings *Do so in a bright environment and ensure that you are facing your phone for the best results.  Face Unlock: Enable this to use face unlock to unlock your phone from the lock screen.  Swipe up to unlock: This is the default way to unlock your phone with your face. Enable this to use face unlock when swiping up on the phone screen.  Auto unlock once the screen is on: Enable this to unlock your phone with your face as soon as the screen turns on without swiping first. Privacy Location  Use location: Enable this to allow apps to use location information.  Recent locations requests: This shows recently requested location information.  App-level permissions: Set permissions for apps to use location service. *Location may use sources like GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and sensors to help estimate your device's location. Google may collect anonymized location data to improve location accuracy and location-based services. Show passwords 46

Settings Enable this to display characters as you type and briefly convert them to an encrypted asterisk "*". Emergency rescue  Emergency information: Add your emergency info.  Send SOS messages automatically: Enable this to automatically send SOS messages to all emergency contacts after an emergency call.  Power button: Emergency call trigger: There are three options:  Quickly press the power button 5 times. Device admin apps

  •  Find My Device: Enable to find your device or to lock or erase data from a lost device.

  •  Google Pay: As a device administrator, Google Pay can help to make your phone more secure. SIM card lock Lock SIM card: Enable this to require your PIN to use the phone. Accounts Google Account: Log in to your Google 47

 Disable.  Quickly press the power button 3 times.

Settings account, view Google account information, set synchronization items, and remove accounts. OnePlus Account: Log in to your OnePlus Account, manage account information, and log out of your account (Tap the menu button in the top right corner and select Exit Account).

  •  Add account: You can add email accounts, Google accounts, and more.

  •  Automatically sync data: Enable this for apps to refresh data automatically. Turning off this option saves power, but you need to manually sync each account to get the latest updates and you will not receive notification

of updates. Utilities Gaming mode: Turn on gaming mode to optimize your gaming experience. Refer to "Gaming mode" for more information.  Quick launch: Enable this so that a long press on the fingerprint identification area launches quick pay or activates apps when the phone is locked. Introduction: Use quick launch 1. Continue to hold your finger after unlocking to open the quick launch panel. 2. Swipe to select the shortcut and release 48

Settings your finger to launch it.  Parallel Apps: Create multiple accounts for the same social media apps. Refer to "Parallel Apps" for more information.  App locker: You can add the apps that you want to lock with a password. Hide notification contents: Enable this to hide notifications for apps locked by app locker. Scheduled power on/off: Set the time for power on/off. OnePlus Switch: Quickly migrate data with OnePlus Switch. Refer to "Transfer data to OnePlus 7" for more information.  Quick reply in landscape You can quickly reply when you receive a message from WhatsApp or other landscape apps. System Accessibility Refer to "Accessibility" for more information. Language & input Set your system language and input method.  Languages: Set your system language.  Tap Add a language to add language. 49

Settings  Press and drag the selected language to the top of the list to set the language to the system language.  Virtual keyboard: Select the default input method and set the preferences for the input method. Spell checker: Enable this to automatically check spellings when you type.  Autofill service: Enable this to automatically fill in saved data when you browse the web or enter your account password or in other scenarios. This function will require additional apps to be installed. Date & time Set system date and time.

  •  Automatic date & time: Enable this to use the network provider's set time as the system time.

  •  Set date: Set the system date manually.

  •  Set time: Set the system time manually.

  •  Automatic time zone: Enable this to use the network providers time zone.

  •  Select time zone: Set the system time zone manually. Use 24-hour format: Enable this for the system time to be in the 24-hour format or disable it to use the 12-hour format.


Settings Reset options In Reset options, you can reset settings, reset app preferences, and erase all data (factory reset).  Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth: You can reset all network settings, including Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth.  Reset app preferences: This will reset all preferences for:  Disabled apps.  Disabled app notifications.  Default applications for actions.  Background data restrictions for apps.  Any permission restrictions. You will not lose any app data. Erase all data (factory reset): Refer to "Factory reset" for more information. OTG storage Transfer data via OTG. Automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Recent app management Set the type for clearing background tasks.  Normal clear: Clear the task list and cache without clearing background processes. 51

Settings  Deep clear: Clear background processes. Some apps may stop working and you may not receive notifications. Multiple users

  •  Add users from lock screen: Add users from the lock screen.

  •  Emergency information: Add emergency info and contacts.

  •  You (Owner): Display the currently logged in user. Tap to change username (username defaults to the phone owner).

  •  Guest: Tap to switch to guest mode, and limit calls and some features. You can enable/disable the Turn on phone calls by

tapping the settings icon to the right of the guest.  Add user: Share the device with other people by creating additional users. RAM Boost By learning how you use your phone, RAM Boost predicts the apps you want to launch and data to load, optimizing RAM capacity for faster performance. System updates Update system using OTA. Refer to "System updates" for details. 52

Settings About phone View basic phone information, system version, and more in the About phone option.  Device name: Tap to edit the device name.  Authentication information: Tap to view the verification information. Android version: This shows the android version.  Build number: This shows the software version of the phone.  Model: This shows the phone model. Legal information: Tap to view the privacy policy, agreements, etc.  Status: Tap to view the phone number, signal, etc.  Award: Tap to view Oxygen OS Contributors. 53

Apps Apps Learn about the apps on your OnePlus device.

Apps Phone Dialing  Method 1: Tap Keypad (dial pad), enter the contact number, and press the call button to dial the number. Method 2: Search for numbers in contacts, call records or your address book, and tap the number to dial it.

  •  Answer or refuse incoming calls: Slide down to accept a call and up to reject it.

  •  Incoming call during normal use: The green button is accept call and red is reject call. Call screen

After accepting a call, the interface functions are as follows:

  •  Speaker: Enables loud speaker mode during call.

  •  Keypad: Opens the dial pad.

  •  Mute: Mutes the microphone.

  •  Add call: Adds multiple calls. Hold: Allows you to answer a new call by putting the current call on hold and then resume the current call when the new call ends.

 Record: Allows you to record a call. * This function is only available in China and 55

Apps India. Contacts Contacts has following functions: Edit, delete, search, input/output, manage and backup contacts and blacklist. Add a contact 1. Enter Contacts 2. Tap 3. Enter contact information 4. Tap to save it Search contacts  Method 1: Enter contact number/name on the dial pad. Method 2: Tap 🔍 and then search for a Contact by name  Method 3: Switch to the contacts list and tap or scroll through the letters on the right side for quick search. Manage contacts Enter Contacts, tap the menu button in the upper right corner, and then choose Settings.  Suggested merges: The system will automatically identify similar contacts, tap merge and select reserved contacts to complete the merge. 56

Apps  Blocked numbers: You will not receive calls and messages from blacklisted contacts.  Block contact: Tap and the enter phone number to add to the blacklist.  Unblock: Tap to unblock a phone number. Spam: Browse the message/calling records in the blacklist. Import/export contacts: You can import a VCF file exported form another device into this device, or export your devices contact into a VCF format. File Manager In File Manager you can quickly access and manage a variety of files. Enter the application drawer and open the File Manager application. CATEGORIES: Check files by file category, including Documents, Downloads, Recent, Images, Videos, Audio and so on. STORAGE: View and manage folders and documents stored on your phone. FileDash: Fast and free to share files with nearby devices. More operations: 57

Apps Search file: Tap 🔍 and then enter key words to find your files. Lockbox: Long press the file, tap the menu button in the upper right corner, then choose Move to Lockbox. You can assign a password or fingerprint to files in Lockbox. Messages Send, receive, and view Messages through the Messages app. Send message 1. Open the Messages application. 2. Tap the floating button in the lower right corner.

  1. Select recipient.

  2. Enter SMS content.

  3. Tap the send icon in the lower right corner to send a message.

View and reply message Messages are sorted by time.

  1. Open the Messages app.

  2. Select the message you want to view from the list.

  3. If you want to reply to a message, enter the message in the text box at the bottom of the


Apps screen, and then tap the send icon on the right to send it. Message settings  Add blacklist: Tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the message conversation screen and select Block number. Weather Provides the weather forecast and early warning function.  Check the weather: Open the app drawer and open the Weather app Provides information on weather, temperature, the next six days of weather, the next 24 hours of weather, air quality, wind direction, body temperature, humidity, visibility, pressure and more. Message settings include report delivery, auto- retrieve MMS while roaming, and set SMS center number. To set SMS preferences, tap the menu button on the upper right corner and select Settings. Blacklist/interception  View the interception record: Tap the menu button in the upper right corner of the main message interface and select Spam to view blocked records. 59

Apps  Add city: Tap , tap the "+" button, enter the city name to search, and select the city to add. Switch city: Swipe left and right to switch between cities.  Settings Tap the menu button in the upper right corner and select Settings.  Temperature: Select the temperature unit – Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Visibility: Select units of visibility, Kilometers – km/ Mile – mi, Millimeters of mercury – mm/Hg, Inches of mercury – in/Hg.  Pressure: Choose the unit of pressure, Hectopascals – hPa. Weather alert: Enable this to receive weather notifications.  Wind: Select the wind unit, like Meters per second – m/s, Kilometers per hour – km/h.  Precipitation: Millimeters – mm/ Inches/ Inches – in. Enter the application drawer and open the Calculator app. 60 Calculator Calculator functions. provides common calculator

Apps Simple calculator: Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be performed.  Scientific calculator: Slide the black bar to the left or rotate to landscape mode to switch to the scientific calculator.  View history: Slide the top half blank area down to view the history, and tap the CLEAR button in the upper right corner to CLEAR it. Recorder Recorder provides recording and viewing functions. Enter the application drawer and open the Recorder app. Record:

  •  Start recording: Tap start recording.

  •  Pause the recording: Tap to pause a recording.

  •  Insert tags: Tap to insert tags. Set the recording format: You can set the recording format (aac / wav) by selecting the settings in the upper right corner of the main interface.  Recording playback and management: Swipe left to enter the recording file list.  Play recording: Tap the recording to play.  Delete recording: Long press the


Apps recording that needs to be deleted and tap the delete button. Notes App share, tap the menu button in the upper right corner, select the sharing method, and then press the page prompt to complete the sharing. Sticky notes let you to take quick notes and edit  Add reminders to your notes: Open the text and pictures. note and tap the "alarm" icon in the top bar Add note: Tap to add a note. Supports text, album pictures, photos, lists, to-do items. Allows to delete notes, set reminders, etc. Search notes: Tap 🔍 and enter the keywords to search.  Delete a note: Long press the note that you want to delete and tap the "delete" button. Share a note: Open the note you want to 62 to set the date and time for the reminder.

Apps Camera The OnePlus 7 camera offers powerful photo and video capabilities, including portrait mode, pro mode, slow-motion video, panoramic mode, and more. PHOTO According to the number shown in the figure, the main interface functions of the camera are as follows: 63


  1. Timer: Set timer (optional: 3S, 5S, 10S).

  2. Photo scale: Tap to switch the photo aspect ratio.

  3. Flash: Tap on/off/auto flash.

  4. Zoom: Tap or drag the icon to zoom.

  5. Common modes: Display common modes, swipe left or right or tap to switch modes.

  6. Switch camera: Tap to switch the front/rear camera.

  7. Photobutton:Singletaptotakeaphotoand long press to take multiple photos (burst mode).

  8. Gallery: Tap to view the latest photos in 64


Apps VIDEO Go to the camera app and tap VIDEO. The video interface features are as follows:

  1. Video resolution: 1080P 30/60FPS, 4K 30/60FPS are available.

  2. Flash: Tap the flash on/off.

  3. Zoom: Tap or drag the icon to zoom.

  4. Switch camera: Tap to switch the front/rear camera.

  5. Video: Tap to start/end video.

  6. Gallery: Tap to view the latest videos in Gallery.


Apps Model selection Slide up to enter the camera mode selection interface.

  •  Video: Video shooting function.

  •  Photo: Simple photo taking function.

  •  Portrait: Portrait (depth effect) function. The professional portrait lighting effect makes portrait photos easy.

rate. When played, the video appears to be moving faster.  Panorama: Allows you to take images with a wide aspect ratio.  Slow motion: Records videos at a high frame rate, which can be played in slow motion.

  •  Nightscape: Suitable for shooting city night scenes.

  •  Pro Mode: Photo mode with more professional settings.

  •  Time-lapse: Records videos at a high frame

photo Gallery All images and videos are saved by default in the Gallery app, which includes albums, recently deleted photos, and photo editing functions.  Photos: Photos and videos are displayed in a timeline list view. Collections: This includes commonly used 66

Apps albums, recently deleted albums and other albums. Tap albums to view specific lists and photos.  Places: Locations are classified by image location information, showing photos/videos taken in different locations. Clock Includes alarm clock, world clock, timer, and stopwatch. Alarm  Add alarm clock: Tap the "+" button below to add and set a new alarm.  Alarm clock time: Drag the blue dot in the 67 dial to set the hours. Drag it again to set the minutes. Tap AM/PM to select the time period.

  •  Tap the keyboard icon on the middle right to switch to the numeric keyboard to input the time.

  •  Repeat: You can choose Monday to Sunday. Select the calendar icon on the right to enter the calendar for custom selection.

  •  Alarm Ringtone: Select the alarm clock ringtone from system ringtones or local storage, or disable the ringtone. Vibrate: When the alarm clock rings, the phone will vibrate at the same time.

Apps  Label: An alarm note will be displayed on the screen when it rings. Delete alarm: Tap the alarm you want to delete and select DELETE at the bottom of the screen. World time clock  Add region: Tap the earth icon at the bottom of the screen to check and select the cities from the list.  Comparison time: Drag the dot on the dial to see the time of the city you added. Countdown timer  Add countdown: After entering the minutes and seconds, press the start button to start the countdown. After starting a countdown, you can select the button in the lower right corner to add another countdown.  Delete countdown: Tap to delete a specific countdown time.  Pause: Tap to pause a countdown. Stopwatch Start: Tap to start the timer. Pause: Tap to pause the timer. Mark: Tap to mark. 68

Apps OnePlus Switch details. Use OnePlus Switch for local data backup and recovery Use the "backup and restore" function to create a backup for subsequent recovery. You can also copy the backup to the computer and transfer it to another phone for recovery.  Back up data 1. Open the OnePlus Switch app 2. Select Backup and Restore > New Backup 3. Select the data that you want to back up 4. Tap BACKUP NOW to start backup "OnePlus Switch" allows you to quickly migrate contacts, call logs, text messages, pictures, audio, video, notes, apps, downloads, documents, and other data from your previous phone to your new phone. OnePlus Switch also provides local backup and recovery. Use OnePlus Switch to migrate your data Use OnePlus Switch to quickly migrate data from an older phone to your new OnePlus phone. Refer to "Transfer data to OnePlus 7" for more 69

Apps  Recovery data 1. Open the OnePlus Switch app. Enjoy applications powered by Google. Visit to learn more. Google Find online content with tools that learn what you are interested in. Turn on your personalized feed to receive customized content. Chrome Browse the Internet with Chrome and bring your open tabs, bookmarks, and address bar data from your computer to your mobile device. Gmail Send and receive email with Google's web- 70 2. Select Backup and Restore > Restore Backup. 3. Select the data to be restored. 4. Tap RESTORE NOW and wait until the recovery process completes. Visual Voicemail Visual Voicemail allows users to view, listen and save all voicemails in any order on your phone without having to call the voicemail system. Google Apps

Apps based email service. Maps Get directions and other location-based information. You must enable location services to use Google Maps. YouTube Watch and upload videos right from your device. A video calling app that allows you to connect with the people who matters most. Play Music Play music and audio files on your device. Play Movies & TV Watch movies and TV shows purchased from Google Play. You can also view videos saved on your device. Photos Store and back up your photos and videos automatically to your Google Account with Google Photos. Drive Open, view, and share files saved to your Google Drive cloud account. Duo 71

Advanced Advanced 72 Learn about advanced tips for your phone

Advanced Gaming mode OxygenOS provides "Gaming mode" to stop you from being disturbed when you are gaming. You can configure this in Settings > Utilities > Gaming mode. 1. Answer calls via speaker: Automatically switch any incoming call during a game to the background and enable hands-free mode. 2. How to show notifications: Select the notification display mode when game mode is on. There are three modes: Heads up, Text only and Block. 3. Notifications for 3rd party calls: The voice or 73 video calls from social media apps will show as notifications. 4. Disable automatic brightness: Lock screen brightness when Gaming mode is turned on. 5. Gamingdisplayenhancement:Enhancethe details of light and dark part of the gaming display. Do Not Disturb When you do not want to be disturbed by a message, enable Do Not Disturb mode. The phone will not ring or vibrate when it receives a notification, except for alarms and settings. Scroll to the notification bar and tap to enable the "Do not disturb" function.

Advanced See Do Not Disturb for settings. Cast Before using the Miracast function, ensure that your TV, projector, screen and other display devices are compatible with the Miracast function, and that the function of the device is turned on. Instructions: 1.Go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Connection preferences >Cast 2.Tap the menu button in the upper right corner and select Enable wireless display 3. Select the device that needs to be projected and wait for the phone screen to be projected onto the display device Scheduled power on/off For the convenience of users, the time switch on/off function is built in. You can go to Settings > Utilities > Scheduled power on/off. to set this function Recent app management Go to Settings > System > Recent app management. There are two ways to clear background tasks. Normal clear: Clear task list and cache 74

Advanced without clearing background processes.  Deep clear: Clear background processes, some apps may stop working and you may not receive notifications. Screen pinning When screen pinning is enabled, you will not be able to switch to the main desktop or open the notification panel and enter the multi-task management interface. Enable screen pinning: Go to Settings > Security & lock screen > Screen pinning. Tap switch to enable this function. Use the screen pining: You can use this feature to fix the current screen until it is cancelled.  To use this function: 1. Make sure screen pinning is turned on. 2. Open overview. 3. Tap the app icon at the top of the screen then tap pin.  Cancel screen pinning: If you turn on screen pinning and select Ask for unlock pattern before unpinning, you will be asked to input an unlock pattern to cancel screen pinning. Parallel Apps Create a new copy for the application to login to different accounts. 75

Advanced Go to Setting > Utilities > Parallel Apps. The application itself. list will show you the applications that supports the Parallel apps. Tap the application to create Parallel apps. Picture-in-picture to transfer files to another OnePlus phone or You can go to Settings > Apps & notifications > other phone. Tap the bottom tab "FileDash" in Special app access > Picture-in-picture. When you open the specified application in picture-in- picture mode, the app will create a picture-in- picture window when you open or leave the application (such as continue to watch video), which displays on top of the other apps you are currently using. * This function needs to be supported by the the File Manager, select the file to send, and then wait for another mobile phone to connect.

  1. If the receiving side is also a OnePlus phone, let the receiver select RECEIVE from FileDash, and then follow the instructions.

  2. If the receiver is not a OnePlus phone, you can find the Wi-Fi hotspot that has been created automatically by your phone. Then

76 FileDash This feature supports file transfers between phones without a network, which you can use

Advanced enter the URL provided by the OnePlus device in the browser to display the file in the browser. You only need to save or download it. You can also scan the QR code in the OnePlus phone to connect and begin the file transfer. Hidden Space From the app drawer, swipe right from the left edge of the screen to enter the Hidden Space in the application drawer interface. You can hide the apps displayed on the desktop in the Hidden Space by tapping the + sign in the top right. 77

Reboot, Update, Backup, Recovery Reboot, Update, Backup, Recovery Learn to upgrade and reset your OnePlus device

Reboot, Update, Backup, Recovery Reboot or force reboot Most issues can be resolved by rebooting your device in the following two ways:

  1. When powered on, long press the power button to restart the device, and then tap to reboot the device.

  2. When powered on, long press the power button and volume button for 10 seconds, the phone will shut down, and then press the power button to turn on the device again.

System updates Your OnePlus devices provides two update modes: OTA and Local. OTA upgrade 1. Enter Settings > System > System updates to CHECK FOR UPDATES. 2. Follow the screen prompts to download and update. * If your device is up to date, you will not see a notification. Local update

  1. Access the OnePlus download the required update package and save it in the phone root directory.

  2. Open Settings > System > System updates to the settings button in the upper right

79 support page to

Reboot, Update, Backup, Recovery corner and select Local upgrade. 3. Tap the installation package in the list to upgrade. 4. Restart the phone to complete the update. Backup and Restore Create a backup or recovery when needed. Backup and restore by OnePlus Switch Refer to "OnePlus Switch" for more information. Use Google drive for backup and recovery Create backup 1. Access Settings > Accounts, login Google account and enable Account sync.

  1. Wait for the system to complete synchronization automatically.

  2. Use the Wi-Fi network to back up your device as the data size may be too large to back up using mobile data.

Restore Backup After a factory reset or when you switch to a new device, log in to your Google account on the device and enable Account sync to restore the data on the phone. 80

Reboot, Update, Backup, Recovery Factory reset Note:

  1. Restoring factory settings will wipe all app data, contacts, text messages, and so on. Backup important data before a factory reset.

  2. If "Erase internal storage" is enabled, ensure that all important files, such as photos and documents in the phone and local backup, have first been copied to another device or external memory storage devices like hard disks, Pen drives(USB).

Operating guidelines: 1. Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset) 2. Tap RESET PHONE 3. Enter passcode. 4. Wait till the factory reset is complete. 81

Accessibility Accessibility Learn about Special features that make using the device easier for people with physical disabilities.

Accessibility Magnify with triple-tap Go to Settings > System > Accessibility> Magnification > Magnify with triple-tap. Once enabled, use one finger to quickly tap three times on the screen to zoom in.  Drag with two or more fingers to scroll. Fold inward or open outward with two or more fingers to adjust the zoom level.  Quickly tap three more times to exit zoom. To zoom in temporarily, quickly tap on the screen three times and hold your finger on the last tap.  Drag your finger to move around the screen. 83  Loosen the fingers and return to the original position. Note:You can't use zoom function on the keyboard or navigation bar.Power button ends call Go to Settings > System > Accessibility and then enable "Power button ends call". Color inversion Go to Settings > System > Accessibility to invert the display colors. Color correction

Accessibility  Deuteranomaly: red-green  Protanomaly: red-green  Tritanomaly: blue-yellow High contrast text Go to Settings > System > Accessibility > High contrast text. Enable this function to increase the contrast with background. 84

Safety information Safety information View Safety information for your device.

Safety information Legal Notice Declaration Without prior written permission of OnePlus, reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents in this document in any form is prohibited. OnePlus operates a policy of ongoing development. Thus, OnePlus reserves the right to make changes or improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. The contents of this document are all provided “as is”. Except as required by applicable law, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, are made in relation to the accuracy of this document. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall OnePlus or any of its licensors be responsible for any loss of data or incur any special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages caused. Availability of product supplies, application software, and accessories may vary. For detailed information, please refer to an authorized OnePlus distributor. This device may contain commodities, technology, or software subject to export laws and regulations. Diversion contrary to law is prohibited. Trademarks and Permissions OnePlus and are trademarks or registered 86

Safety information trademarks of OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. AndroidTM is a trademark of Google Inc. LTE is a trade mark of ETSI. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. The N-Mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and in other countries. Other trademarks, product, service and company names mentioned may be the property of their respective owners. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Atmos, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Privacy Policy OnePlus is constantly striving to protect your personal information. To better understand how we protect your personal information, you can read our "Privacy Policy" in the Setup Wizard when you turn on your phone for the first time. You can also check our "Privacy Policy" by following the steps: Settings > About Phone > Legal Information > Privacy Policy. Precautions for using the device Please read all the safety and health information carefully before using your device to ensure its safe and proper operation. 87

Safety information General Safety Information Failure to follow these guidelines may cause harm to your device, property, yourself, or others. • Do not switch on the device where prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. • Do not use device at gas stations, service stations, or near fuel or chemicals. • Please do not store or carry your mobile phone or accessories near liquid or flammable gas. • Do not place the phone near magnetic cards or other magnetic objects, since information stored on floppy discs, memory cards and credit cards could be damaged by magnetic radiation. • Do not place the battery, phone or charger in a microwave oven or other high voltage equipment. Otherwise, it may cause circuit damage, fires, or other damage. • All wireless devices, including mobile phones, might be susceptible to interference, and it can also cause interference. Please check all laws and regulations when using your mobile phone, especially in airplanes, hospitals or medical institutions. • Only use branded accessories and batteries that are approved by OnePlus. Accessories which are not approved by OnePlus may damage the phone or violate local regulations for radio devices. OnePlus will not take any 88

Safety information responsibility for accidents or problems caused by using accessories that are not approved by OnePlus. • The device is designed for water resistance under certain conditions, but OnePlus does not recommend excessive submersion. Liquid damage will void the warranty. • When connecting with other devices, please follow the safety guidelines presented in this manual. Do not attempt to connect your device with incompatible products. • Please do not use the phone if antenna is damaged. Otherwise, it could cause injury. • Please keep metallic objects away from phone receiver. Small metallic objects may be attracted to the device and personal injury or device damage could occur. • Keep a minimum distance of 15 cm between a wireless device and an electronic implant(pacemaker, insulin pumps, neurostimulators, etc). If wearing an electronic implant, hold the device on the side opposite the implants. • Keep the device from the belly of pregnant women. • Keep the device away from the lower abdomen of adolescents. • Children and adolescents should make reasonable use of the phone. Avoid night communications and limit the frequency and 89

Safety information duration of calls. • Only connect to power sources with USB 2.0 or above. • To reduce the level of exposure to radiation, you should use the mobile telephone proximity to the network tower or use of accessories (hands-free kit etc) or use loudspeaker if suitable; use the device under good reception conditions (when the signal indicator displays a full signal on the signal reception bar) can reduce the amount of radiation received; giving priority to the use of data, SMS and MMS messages rather than calls. Battery Safety • Please do not attempt to repair, disassemble or modify the battery. Replacing battery by an incorrect type could lead to explosion. Your phone can only use OnePlus authorized batteries. Using third-party products may cause battery leakage, overheating or fires. • Do not place or use battery near fires, heaters, direct sunlight, or other heat sources. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause battery leakage, explosions, or fires. • Please do not place pressure on or pierce the battery with hard objects. Damaging the battery could cause battery leakage, overheating, or 90

Safety information fires. • If you experience any battery abnormalities, such as high temperature, discoloration, distortion, or leakage, immediately discontinue usage of the device and contact customer support. • All batteries have a limited lifespan and will begin to lose capacity after several hundred charges/discharges. • Do not dispose of the battery as household waste. Refer to local regulations. Charging Safety • The charger is intended for indoor use only. • Do not charge the battery under the following conditions: in direct sunlight, in temperatures below 5°C; in areas with humidity, dust or strong vibrations; in areas near a TV, radio or other electrical appliances. • The charger shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. • The maximum ambient charging temperature of the equipment declared by manufacturer is 35°C. • Sockets that are dirty may cause poor contact with the charger and your phone may fail to charge properly. 91

Safety information • Please only use the official OnePlus charger. Using unauthorized chargers can be dangerous and can void your warranty. • Make sure to only use outlets with the correct voltages (as label led on the charging brick). Using an incorrect voltage can damage your phone and/or battery and lead to injury. • Do not use unsafe plugs or outlets. • Do not use a short-circuit charger. • Do not connect your device to a high-voltage power supply or the battery could become damaged. • Do not disassemble or modify charger, as this may lead to personal injury, electric shock or fire. • Do not touch the charger, cable or power socket with wet hands, as this may cause electric shock. • Do not place heavy objects on the power cord or attempt to modify any cables. • Make sure to grasp the charger firmly while unplugging it. • Do not pull the power cord as this may lead to damage and cause electric shock or fire. • Before cleaning the device, unplug the power plug from the socket. • Unplug the charger from electrical outlets and the device when not in use. 92

Safety information Driving Safety • Do not use the device and safety should take priority when you are operating a vehicle. Be sure to obey related regulations in the area or country in which you drive. • Do not place your phone or accessories near safety air bags. • Compass and GPS information are only used for reference purposes. • If you do not wish to disclose your location, be sure not to use applications that can record your location. Health Information • To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. • Damage to the display or battery could lead to leakage of the liquid. If this liquid comes in contact with your eyes, skin or clothes, immediately rinse your eyes (do not rub) or wash skin with water thoroughly and seek medical attention. • Some people may get dizzy or experience medical problems in response to flashing lights. If you are at risk, please consult your doctor before using this device. If you have the following symptoms: headache, dizziness, convulsion, eyes or muscle cramps, loss of 93

Safety information consciousness, or involuntary body movements, please stop using the device immediately and seek medical attention. Avoid using the device for extended periods and keep proper distance from your eyes. Laser Safety Statement If this product supports the laser auto-focus feature. To ensure proper use of this product, please read this owner’s manual carefully and retain for future reference. Should the unit require maintenance, contact an authorized service center. Use of controls, adjustments, or the performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. To prevent direct exposure to laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure or make direct contact with the laser. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT Regulatory Label Information (If supported) You can check our "Regulatory Labels" by following the steps: Setting >About Phone> Regulatory Labels EU Regulatory Conformance CE Statement 94

Safety information Hereby, OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. declares that the radio equipment type Smart Phone is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity (DoC) is available at the following internet address Notice: Observe the national local regulations in the location where the device is to be used. This device may be restricted for use in some or all member states of the European Union (EU). RF Exposure Information (SAR) • The SAR limit of Europe is 2.0W/kg. The highest SAR value of this device complies with this limit. And please see the “Highest SAR Value”card to find the highest SAR value. • This device was tested for typical operation with the back of the handset kept 5mm from the body. To maintain compliance with RF exposure requirements, use accessories that maintain a 5mm separation distance between your body and the back of the handset. The use of belt clips, holsters and similar accessories should not contain metallic components in its assembly. The use of accessories that do not satisfy these requirements may not comply with RF exposure requirements, and should be avoided. • Cases with metal parts may change the RF performance of the device, including its 95

Safety information compliance with RF exposure guidelines, in a manner that has not been tested or certified, and use such accessories should be avoided. Conformément à la règlementation française, nous sommes obligés d'inclure les recommandations suivantes concernant les mesures de précaution : vous pouvez limiter votre exposition à l'énergie de radiofréquences (a) en utilisant votre appareil mobile dans des zones de bonne couverture réseau, ou (b) a l'aide d'un kit mains libres pour maintenir votre appareil mobile éloigné de votre visage et de votre corps. Dans ce dernier cas, il est conseillé aux femmes enceintes d'éloigner leur appareil mobile de leur abdomen. Il est également recommandé aux adolescents d'éloigner leurs appareils mobiles du bas ventre. Restrictions in 5GHz band The device is restricted to indoor use only when operating in the 5150 to 5350 MHz frequency range in following countries: AT BE BG HR CY CZ DK EE FI FR DE EL HU IE IT LV LT LU MT NL PL PT RO SK SI ES SE UK Frequency Bands and Power 96

Safety information (a) Frequency bands in which the radio equipment operates: Some bands may not be available in all countries or all areas. Please contact the local carrier for more details. (b) Maximum radio-frequency power transmitted in the frequency bands in which the radio equipment operates: The maximum power for all bands is less than the highest limit value specified in the related Harmonized Standard.please see the “Quick Start Guide” to find the frequency bands and transmitting power. Correct Disposal of this Product The crossed-out wheeled-bin symbol on your product,battery, literature or packaging indicates that the product and its electronic accessories should not be disposed of with other household waste. To safely recycle your device, please use return and collection system or contact the retailer where the device was originally purchased. RoHS Compliance This product complies with directive 2011/65/EU and its amendments, on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. 97

Safety information India Regulatory Conformance E-waste Information The products manufactured by OnePlus comply with the E-waste Rules 2016 and its amendments. Considering the exemption listed in SCHEDULE II of the E-waste Rules, the content of hazardous substances is as follows: 1. Lead (Pb) – not over 0.1% by weight; 2. Cadmium (Cd) – not over 0.01% by weight; 3. Mercury (Hg) – not over 0.1% by weight; 4. Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) – not over 0.1% by weight; 5. Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) – not over 0.1% by weight; 6. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) – not over 0.1% by weight. For the purpose of recycling and reducing the effect of the environment,the Electrical & Electronic Equipment should not be disposed of with other household waste, please separate these items from other types of waste and recycle them to the authorized e-waste company. As a part of E-waste recycling initiative, OnePlus has partnered with an authorized E-waste company named AS Attero. 98

Safety information You can contact AS Attero to recycle your E- waste product. For further information about the OnePlus E-waste partner named AS Attero, you can contact at Phone:1800-103-6328 Languages & Input You can choose your language according to the following steps: Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages > Choose your preference language. Mobile phone supports all the below mentioned Indian Official Languages for readability test as per IS 16333(Part-3):2017 ASSAMESE, BANGLA, BODO, DOGRI, GUJARATI, HINDI, KANNADA, KASHMIRI, KONKANI, MAITHILI, MALAYALAM, MANIPURI (BENGALI), MANIPURI (MEETEI MAYEK), MARATHI, NEPALI, ODIA(ORIYA), PANJABI(PUNJABI), SANTHALI (OI CHIKI), SANTHALI (DEVANAGRI), SANSKRIT, SINDHI(DEVANAGARI), TAMIL, TELUGU, URDU, ENGLISH This mobile supports inputting for below mentioned Indian Official Language as per IS 16333(Part-3):2017 HINDI, MARATHI, ENGLISH Care and Maintenance The following suggestions will help you maintain 99

Safety information and prolong the life of your device. • Only qualified and authorized personnel should make repairs to this product. • Disabling features such as Bluetooth and Wi- Fi when not in use and dimming the screen can help you save energy and extend battery life. • Clean your phone and charger with a soft, clean, dry cloth. If the screen comes into contact with liquid or dust, please clean it immediately. Do not use alcohol or irritating chemicals to clean the device. • Touching the screen with a sharp object may cause the screen to be scratched. • Please do not touch the connection port of the 100 phone, as static electricity may harm components in the device. • Ideal operating temperatures are 0°C to 35°C, Ideal storage temperatures are -20°C to +45 °C. • Only operate your phone between 35% to 85% humidity. • Do not place the phone on uneven or stable surfaces. • Do not hit, press, shake or drop the phone to avoid damage and injury. • Charger are not waterproof. Please do not use these devices in the bathroom, areas of high temperature, humidity or dust; please avoid rain. • When the phone is transmitting data or saving

Safety information information, do not remove the SIM card. • Please keep the phone out of reach of children in order to prevent injuries or property damage. partially covers, software, consumable items, or accessories, even if packaged or sold together with the product. The limited warranty only covers functional defects of product caused by workmanship or build materials. For more details, please contact OnePlus Customer Support by visiting The limited warranty does not cover 1. Defects or damage resulting from accidents, neglect, misuse, or abnormal use; abnormal conditions or improper storage; exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt; unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress. OnePlus Information Device Warranty purchased on sales channels come with a limited warranty. The duration of this warranty is dependent on the original country or region of purchase and is only redeemable within the original country or region. Unless otherwise specified, this warranty covers the hardware components of the product as originally supplied and does not cover, or OnePlus devices 101

Safety information 2. Scratches, dents and cosmetic damage, unless caused by OnePlus. 3. Defects or damage resulting from excessive force or use of metallic objects on the touch screen. 4. Devices that have the serial number or the IMEI number removed, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible. 5. Ordinary wear and tear. 6. Defects or damage resulting from the use of the product in conjunction or connection with accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by OnePlus. 7. Any physical feature defects or damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by OnePlus. 8. Defects or damage resulting from external causes such as collision with an object, fire, flooding, dirt, windstorm, lightning, earthquake, exposure to weather conditions, theft, blown fuse, or improper use of any electrical source. 9. Defects or damage resulting from cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses and 3rd party software problems introduced into the product. 10. Free warranty replacements and repairs are only valid in the country or region of purchase. 102

Safety information Please contact OnePlus Customer Support for more details. Return Policy (Limited to North America & Europe) OnePlus phones and accessories are made to the highest standards and undergo rigorous testing. If you are not satisfied with your OnePlus product for any reason, you may request a return within 15 calendar days of delivery. Once we approve your return request and receive the product, we will perform standard inspection. And if the product passes the inspection, we will give you a full refund. Any shipping and handling fees incurred in the return process are not covered by the refund. Return requests made outside of the 15-day period will not be accepted. We may also choose not to accept returns within these circumstances: 1. Defects or damages caused by misuse, neglect, physical damage, tampering, incorrect adjustment, normal wear and tear or incorrect installation after purchase. 2. Price fluctuations being the sole reason for return. 3. Customized customer contracts. In accordance with the U.K. Consumer Rights Act 2015, any goods that are not (1) of satisfactory quality; (2) fit for their given purpose; or (3) as 103

Safety information described, may be returned free of charge within 30 days of delivery. Please submit a ticket describing the problem with your device. In order to be eligible for a refund, you must contact us within 30 days and describe in detail how the goods were defective, damaged, or materially different. We may choose not to accept returns for any of the above mentioned circumstances. In all cases, we will inspect the product and verify the fault. To qualify for a replacement or refund, device must be in “as new” condition and include all original contentsof the package. We reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange if the product returned is deemed to have been damaged. Please contact OnePlus Customer Support to 104 request a return at

Safety information US OnePlus Customer Support Support information and assistance go to: FR OnePlus Service Clients Download manuals: OnePlus Kundenbetreuung DE ES Visitez le site d’assistance en ligne pour obtenir plus d’ Téléchargements et OnePlus Atención al Cliente Para información, soporte y asistencia vaya a: Descarga el manual en: Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Support Bedienungsanleitungen im Download: 105

Safety information OnePlus Assistenza Clienti Per informazioni di supporto e assistenza vai su: SE OnePlus Kundsupport IT Scarica manuali: Suporte ao Cliente OnePlus Para informações, suporte e assistência, acesse: Descarregar manua: IN För supportinformation och hjälp gå till: Ladda ned manualer: OnePlus Customer Support Support information and assistance go to: Download manuals: PT nuals 106

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