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Photography: Hasselblad X1D - 50MP Medium Format Camera Review (Destination Weddings)

Are you considering hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer? Maybe you're just here to look at some high end cameras?

Well today let's talk about one of the most expensive cameras on the market, if it's worth buying, and whether or not to use it for wedding photography.

hasselblad X1D camera

There's some cool Youtube videos showing off the Hasselblad X1D and X1D2.

Every Wedding Photographer needs a great camera. If you're starting out, then turn away this article is not for you. Ok, now that it's just us let's continue with the review for the 50 mega pixel beast we've come to know and love.

Medium Format Camera For Wedding Photography: Hasselblad X1D

Lightweight at 725g including body and battery is pretty sweet for wedding photography which typically entails long days of shooting. Lugging around the typical Canon 5D series is notoriously labor intensive, especially when you use a battery grip.

hasselblad X1D camera lens

50 MP is no laughing matter. I'd use these if the client wants to blow up a mural sized photo with no distortion, pixelation, or grain. It's an awesome choice for high end wedding photos.

If the devil is in the details, then consider this camera Mr. Lucifer himself. Naughty Little Devil, you.

Hasselblad X1D Price

Shooting with this camera can run you between 12,000 and 17,000 USD depending on the lenses and attachments. For any professionals who shoot high end weddings in far off destinations, it's typically a no brainer to invest in the best gear possible.

hasselblad X1D camera destination wedding photography

Any hobby photographer can snap pictures with something they found in the glass case at Target or even their smartphone and call it art. But this bad boy is legendary, cinematic masterpiece level photography. If you have picky, wealthy, or just clients who care about having the best photos, there is no comparison.

If you're just getting started, OR you'd like test drive one before you buy... There are several camera rental options that may offer a Hasselblad, you need to check for availability. Usually, you're going to want to take out an additional insurance policy as well, since you'll be writing them a check for the camera amount in case of damages.

Shooting with the Hasselblad X1D

Not too much packed into the camera, nice sleek aluminum design with a few simple options. AF and MF as you'd expect, with a real quiet shutter within the lens.

hasselblad X1D camera review

Medium format quality is hard to touch with DSLR, and the files come out sharp and vibrant. Not too much noise in the photos, and overall it's really clean with photos.

You can achieve awesome wedding photos with blurred backgrounds using a 35mm or 50mm from close up in the action.

Is the Hasselblad X1D worth buying?

Yes, it's a good camera.

hasselblad X1D camera wedding photography

I personally like to use 3 cameras when I shoot destination weddings so I don't have to fumble with changing lenses and missing great shots or candid moments. I would never use 3 Hasselblad.

I think Exotic Car Photography or Portrait photography in the studio is a better fit than in the field for this camera. Maybe if you're shooting models in a warehouse or something. Typically weddings are more Sports/ Action than posing, there's a lot of motion going on. Also, if someone spills Champagne on your camera you're not going to cry for the entire plane home.

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